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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Motivating and automating repository deposits

EM-Loader - Open Access deposits made easier, an announcement of the EM-Loader project from EDINA, June 24, 2008.  Excerpt:

One of the most commonly heard complaints about institutional repositories is that it can be time-consuming to deposit content via the 'self-archiving' method. The EM-Loader project is investigating a possible solution using integrated personal publication list management tools.

We will show proof of concept at an early stage by building a web service module that connects two existing services: the Depot, the JISC repository for researchers who do not have other provision; and, a service for researchers to build a web page listing their publications. Instead of recreating interoperability standards from scratch, the project has adopted and expanded the SWORD Deposit API.

In our revised approach we suggest that depositing papers into repositories can be made easier and rewarding for researchers by concentrating initially on compiling a personal publications list with complete metadata and then performing a batch submission to the repository.

Traditionally stage 1 - compiling a personal bibliography - is by manual entry, but this can be made much easier with batch search and select of items from citation databases such as Web of Science and PubMed, and import from personal bibliography tools such as BibTeX, EndNote and Reference Manager. Full text of papers can be uploaded and attached to metadata in stage 2....

We believe this complete approach to repository submission is easier for researchers than direct submission of individual papers. By adopting this workflow within the Depot service, we hope to help populate more open access repositories, by making it simpler and more rewarding for researchers to submit their papers....