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Monday, June 02, 2008

More on adding OA journal records to the library catalogue

The Glasgow School of Art Library is adding OA journal records to its catalogue.  From its blog today:

We've just added Library Catalogue records for over 75 peer-reviewed open-access journals in the arts and humanities....Peer-reviewed and mostly published by professional organisations and bodies or university research departments, they provide quality and authoritative articles on a range of subjects. Subjects covered include new media and technology, anthropology, philosophy, architecture, art and design, psychology and cultural theory.

You'll now find hyperlinks for all these journals via a keyword or title search in the Library Catalogue.

Comment.  Libraries have been doing this since DOAJ started providing the records,  But I haven't heard much about it since the ERIL discussion in 2003.  Has it declined, or just become so routine that it's rarely mentioned?