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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Milestone for LibriVox OA audiobooks

Mike Linksvayer, LibriVox: 1500 public domain audio books, CC blog, June 2, 2008.  Excerpt:

Seven months ago we noted that LibriVox released their 1,000th public domain audio book. Now they’ve reached 1,500. That’s over 70 audio books released each month, and things are picking up — they released 115 in May.

Check out LibriVox, perhaps the most interesting collaborative culture project this side of Wikipedia — and everything on LibriVox is in the public domain, free for any use, without restriction.

LibriVox founder Hugh McGuire recently [March 31, 2008] posted an explanation of why LibriVox audio books are dedicated to the public domain rather than released under a CC license....