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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot stories from OAN

I just introduced the Hot tag for OAN stories.  I'll use it to label the most important stories we blog.  The idea is to help people who are too busy to read everything we're putting out.

You can view the hot items online or subscribe to an RSS feed or email feed.

Jott users can even sign up for an audio feed.  On command, a computerized voice will read you the hot stories over the phone.

At the moment, I don't plan to tag hot items retroactively.  Just don't assume that there were no important stories before June 27, 2008!

Sometime next week I should be able to add the new feeds to the blog sidebar.

Update.  The email feed of hot stories works fine in the ways that matter most.  But unfortunately the emails suggest that you are subscribed to all of "Open Access News" and not just to the hot category.  I gave the feed a special name but Feedburner is disregarding it.  I'm working on the problem.