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Monday, June 16, 2008

Free to some in Africa, but not OA

The International African Institute and Edinburgh University Press have announced that their journal Africa: Journal of the International African Institute will be available free to libraries and non-profit research and educational institutions in some countries in Africa. (Thanks to Electronic Publishing Trust for Development.)
...This development comes at a time where electronic publishing and dissemination is offering opportunities to break with conventional models of research dissemination. Yet the African continent suffers lack of visibility for research output, and a chronic lack of financial resources in higher education and research institutions, including for journals subscriptions. Research seldom crosses borders within the continent, and there is a North-South divide in access to scholarly research and publication outlets.

By opening the journal up to institutions in Africa, the institute is fulfilling its historic mission and highest priority to promote access to African research and publication internationally. We hope to widen our readership in the continent, and encourage more contributions from African scholars. ...