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Monday, June 30, 2008

Elsevier opens 7,500 articles for contest

Elsevier has launched an Article 2.0 Contest.  From the site:


We’ve worked hard to build the Article 2.0 dataset, and now we’re opening it up to developers via a simple, straightforward REST API. We will provide contestants with access to approximately 7,500 full-text XML scientific articles (including images) and challenge each contestant to be the publisher. In other words, each contestant will have complete freedom for how they would like to present the scientific research articles contained in the Article 2.0 dataset. We will encourage the use of XQuery, but this will not be a mandate. By leveraging these APIs, the contestant becomes the publisher and can render scientific articles to meet their needs including integrating the article into existing applications or combining it with other web service APIs.

More details about the contest will be added to the site throughout the summer....

Criteria used for selecting the best scientific article presentation will be - creativity, value-add, ease of use & quality....

First prize is $2,500.  Second and third prizes are $1,000 and $500.

Comment.  An idea presupposing the removal of price and permission barriers, such as a mash-up with data repositories, Freebase, Google Earth, Open Social, and Skype (or heck, all of the above) isn't likely to win.  But it may spark ideas that others are willing to put into practice.   

Peter Murray-Rust is entering the contest, but he isn't disclosing his idea yet.

UpdateChemSpider may also enter the contest.