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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CC Newsletter on Science Commons

The June issue of the Creative Commons Newsletter contains several articles on Science Commons:

  • John Wilbanks, Science commons (p. 3)
  • Donna Wentworth, ESOF 2008: Collaborating for the Future of Open Science (p. 4)
  • Introducing the Health Commons (p. 5)
  • Donna Wentworth, Towards Research in a Box (p. 6)
  • Donna Wentworth, How to Free Your Facts (p. 7)
  • Donna Wentworth, Science Commons & SPARC Release Guide for Creating Open Access Policies at Institutions (p. 8)
  • Donna Wentworth, Nguyen on Keeping Data Open & Free (p. 9)

From John Wilbanks' introductory article, Science Commons (p. 3):

...One of the reasons I believe so deeply in the commons approach (by which I mean: contractually constructed regimes that tilt the field towards sharing and reuse, technological enablements that make public knowledge easy to find and use, and default policy rules that create incentives to share and reuse) is that I think it is one of the only non-miraculous ways to defeat complexity. If we can get more people working on individual issues — which are each alone not so complex — and the outputs of research snap together, and smart people can work on the compiled output as well — then it stands to reason that the odds of meaningful discoveries increase in spite of overall systemic complexity....

Complexity is the enemy. Distributed innovation, built on a commons, is a strong tonic against that enemy.