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Monday, May 26, 2008

Updated ranking of world repositories

Webometrics has updated its ranking of world repositories.  From the site:

Our schedule is to publish an updated version of the Ranking Web of World Repositories two times per year (January and July) as we already do with the other Rankings produced by our Cybermetrics Lab. In the meantime we want to offer a second and last beta version that collects some of the comments and advices we have received. The major changes are as follows:

- New repositories have been added, like PubMedCentral that was inadvertently missed from the previous edition. Other repositories not focused on research papers have been excluded.

- Rich files ranking is now including only Adobe Acrobat pdf files, as the numbers involved for other formats are very low for ranking purposes. For the same reason, only data extracted from Google and Yahoo are considered for this indicator.

- Scholar ranking is build now on the mean between the total number of items and those published between 2001 and 2008. This is to increase the weight of the "fresh papers" deposited.

Proposal to webmasters for 2009 edition

Usage data could be very useful for the Ranking Web of World Repositories as it has been suggested by most of the academic community. It is difficult to obtain data from every repository and in fact most of the figures are not comparable because there is no standard yet about statistics collection. We suggest using a common, simple and free system to solve, at least partially, this problem. We ask to webmasters to install Google Analytics at their websites. We will then be able to kindly ask you for the statistics collected during the period from July 1st -December 31st so this data can be used for the January 2009 edition of the Ranking.

In the latest ranking, the top five repositories in descending order are arXiv, SSRN, RePEc, E-LIS, and Citeseer.  Note that the ranking is a weighted average of four criteria, not a simple ordering by size.