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Monday, May 05, 2008

T&F and Caltech create OA backfile for TA society journal

Richard C. Flagan and Kimberly Douglas, Aerosol Science and Technology: A professional society-library-publisher partnership in open access, Aerosol Science and Technology, April 2008.  (Thanks to George Porter.)  Excerpt:

...In recognition of its obligation to the public that has generously supported its research, the AAAR [American Association for Aerosol Research] decided that the print backfile, the papers published in print form only, should be made openly accessible to the whole world via the Internet. The present publisher of this journal [Taylor and Francis] agreed. Moreover, Taylor and Francis expressed willingness to support the retrodigitization of the print archives of the journal, and to make them freely accessible on the present journal website. But, how is this to be accomplished?

Here enters the third partner in the collaboration to make the products of the aerosol research community available to society at large. An institution that has borne the brunt of decades of rapacious escalation of institutional subscription prices, and that seeks improvement to information access, came forth to provide a critical service. The Caltech Libraries welcomed the opportunity to participate in making the back-files of Aerosol Science and Technology freely accessible to all, with the publisher paying nominal labor costs. The Caltech Libraries have a highly skilled staff....

[T]he full-text of the entire back-file of Aerosol Science and Technology is now available to the world. In addition, all papers published in the journal are being made available to the world via the Internet one year after initial publication....