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Thursday, May 29, 2008

One step forward, one back for UK PSI

Michael Cross, An Inspired debate on access, The Guardian, May 22, 2008. See also the background on the Free Our Data blog.
First, some very good news. Civil servants revealed last week that the British government has begun work on a system to make all the geospatial data it holds on the natural environment available for free inspection and re-use. Now the bad news. In this context, "free" means we will still have to pay to download much key data, especially if it is to be published or otherwise used commercially.

The proposed "national geoportal" would create a single point of entry on the web to data held by public bodies such as local councils, Ordnance Survey (OS), the British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency. It is being considered as Britain's contribution to a Europe-wide geospatial data infrastructure to be created by 2019 under the EU Inspire Directive. ....