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Thursday, May 15, 2008

OA to books from Venezuelan publisher

Laura Vidal, Venezuela: Publishing House Provides Works Online, Global Voices Online, May 13th, 2008. (Thanks to Jerzy Celichowski.)

There is good news for those that are learning Spanish and for fans of literature in Spanish. Thanks to an initiative from the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture, literary works from the publishing house Ayacucho Library is now available online for free. For some months now, bloggers and other literary enthusiasts have been able to access and download a wide array of Hispanic literary works available in .pdf format. Bloggers are pleased with the selection and the fact that it is available for readers.

Departamento de Lengua says: ...

Venezuelan publishing house Ayacucho has one of the most interesting lists –both for its literary quality of published works and for the number of works available– in Hispano-American literature around the world. From ancient indigenous traditions to the greatest novels of the 20th century; from the writings of Christopher Columbus to the Comentarios of El Inca Garcilazo. ...