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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New OA journal on medical physics

Iratxe Puebla, BMC Medical Physics - linking physicists and physicians to improve treatment and diagnosis of disease, BioMed Central Blog, May 6, 2008.

BioMed Central is proud to announce the launch of BMC Medical Physics ...

BMC Medical Physics continues from its predecessor, BMC Nuclear Medicine, but has broadened its scope to cover research on all aspects of radiobiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, imaging, photomedicine and physiological measurement.

... BMC-series journals impose no limits on the length of article or the number of images, so medical physics researchers will be able to present full movies and high quality color images at no extra cost. ...

Submissions to BMC Medical Physics are fully peer-reviewed and articles are published immediately on acceptance. Like all the medical journals in the BMC series, BMC Medical Physics operates an open peer review process, which means that reviewers are asked to provide signed reports for authors, and also that the reviews will be made publicly available as part of the published article's "Pre-publication history".

BMC Medical Physicsis indexed by PubMed, CAS, and Google Scholar. Articles published by BMC Nuclear Medicine will continue to be available via the BMC Medical Physics website. ...