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Friday, May 30, 2008

New OA journal of research-creation

Inflexions: A Journal for Research-Creation is a new peer-reviewed OA journal sponsored by the Sense Lab.  The inaugural issue is undated but now online.

What is research-creation?  From the about page:

Inflexions...invite[s] writing and/or other forms of expression actively exploring such issues as: (inter/trans/non) disciplinarity; the emergence of new modes of collaboration; micropolitics and the life and death of institutions; creativity, subjectivity and collectivity in cultural production; the ethics of aesthetics; the aesthetic as ethics. The goal is to promote experimental practices combining research and creation in such a way as to foster symbiotic links between philosophical inquiry, technological innovation, artistic production, and social and political engagement. Of continuing concern will be how these efforts may renew and recast relations between the concrete and the abstract, perception and conception, the body and technology....