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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New OA journal of public health

Global Health Action is a new peer-reviewed OA journal affiliated with the Centre for Global Health Research at Sweden's Umeå University and published by Co-Action.  From Stig Wall's editorial in the inaugural issue:

...Co-Action Publishing is a relatively new Open Access publisher based in Scandinavia and one of only a handful of publishing houses worldwide offering a true OA publishing model for scholarly journals. The content of a journal such as GHA begs for Open Access, and it is therefore only natural that CGH and Co-Action Publishing should team up to ensure a great impact for the journal in years to come.

All articles published in GHA will be freely accessible online immediately after they have been accepted for publication and can thereafter be linked, read, downloaded, stored, printed, used, and data-mined by anybody with a computer and access to the internet....Moreover, the Open Access model offers additional multimedia benefits such as videos, audios, links to full datasets, unlimited colour budgets and interactive features, all of which the printed medium cannot provide. Co-Action Publishing will ensure that the best web technology supports the editorial team at CGH as well as the contributing authors and thereby enhance the scholarly content of GHA....