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Friday, May 30, 2008

New OA journal of health research

The International Journal of Health Research is a new peer-reviewed OA journal from Poracom Academic Publishers.  (Thanks to Vikas Anand Saharan.)  The inaugural issue came out in March.

Poracom Academic Publishers doesn't seem to have its own web site.  If anyone has more information about it, please drop me a line.

UpdateKlaus Graf has found the web site for a Nigerian software company named Poracom.  This is clearly the Poracom behind the IJHR, although nothing at the web site refers to Poracom Academic Publishers.  Poracom has written some software (journal management software?) powering IJHR and another, older OA journal, Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, published by the Pharmacotherapy Group at the University of Benin.  Klaus has also found that IJHR charges no publication fees but requires authors to transfer copyright.  It removes price barriers, not permission barriers.  (Thanks, Klaus.)