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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New OA journal of communication

Stream:  Culture/Politics/Technology is a new peer-reviewed OA journal of communication published by the Communication Graduate Student Caucus at Simon Fraser University.  (Thanks to Kate Milberry.)  From Martin Laba's editorial in the inaugural issue (Spring 2008):

...In every respect, Stream embodies the principles and values of the creative commons, and the practices of current and ongoing copyleft movements. From the licence under which articles are published in Stream, to the Open Journal System software that provides the foundation of the web site, to the open-source layout software and public domain typefaces, the journal stands as an exemplar of democratic, open access publication....

Online scholarly journals have the capacity to enhance, extend and elaborate public intellectualism and help to bridge and sustain crossover between the academic and the popular. The need is ever increasing to create greater resonance with a wide range of researchers, and other audiences seeking relevant and reasonably accessible debate and analysis around urgent and vitally important issues in communication and media environments. Stream's approach to both content and production is driven by this need, and by the strongest commitment to thoroughly democratic principles of research dissemination....