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Friday, May 09, 2008

More on the Georgia State-OA connection

Raizel Liebler, The Georgia State E-reserves lawsuit: Is Fair Use Dead? Or is it the traditional publishing model?, LibraryLaw Blog, May 7, 2008. (Thanks to Klaus Graf.)
... [M]y post will focus more on ... the potential options libraries have at this point, and why moving towards open access might (eventually) help to solve this impasse. ...

Option 5: The most difficult option of all is to change the dynamic between libraries, authors, and publishers. This more than the other options is a dramatic overall policy shift and therefore has little to do with copyright or fair use, but rather changing the question. Here the question is “How can professor authors help to make their work available for professors and students to use in the classroom and for scholarly work?”

One means of making more information accessible is through open access ...
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