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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More on Chempedia

Gino D'Oca, Chempedia: "a free and continuously-updated" chemical compound encyclopaedia, Chemistry Central Blog, May 12, 2008.

Earlier this year, California-based company Metamolecular, launched Chempedia, "a free and continuously-updated online" encyclopaedia of chemical compounds. The database is seen as potentially offering a new approach to overcoming some of the shortfalls of numerous well established - but restricted access - reference works: notably the limited visibility of information, slow update rate, and sometimes-limited coverage of chemical information relevant to more niche areas of specialisation.

Chempedia is built upon two of the biggest free and open chemical information repositories - Wikipedia and PubChem - whose contents the creators have sought to mash up. Wikipedia contains a growing collection of 'chemical compound monographs', which can be indexed relatively simply. However, at present further work remains to include all Wikipedia's 6,000-plus monographs in Chempedia. ...

The compound entries can be updated as soon as possible to reflect newly available information. ...