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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

JISC: Synthesizing what we know about repositories

Tom Franklin, Repositories and Preservation Programme Synthesis, JISC Information Environment Team blog, May 13, 2008.

We are proposing to undertake a synthesis of the repositories and preservation programme which will support action. This means that the outputs need to be targeted at decision makers with additional information for those that will have to implement the decisions.

We have taken as a starting point the idea that decision makers are most likely to take note of what we are saying if repositories or preservation address problems that they are already worried about, and that many of these will stem from government, funding council or similar policies which they have to implement.

We have identified policies, decision makers who are concerned with them and ways in which we think that repositories or preservation can help.

We are aware that there will be other policies out there that we should be considering, that there may be other ways in which repositories or preservation could help and there may be other people we need to address.

We would very much welcome comments and thoughts on our thinking so that we can take it forward and start the synthesis. ...