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Friday, May 30, 2008

How bloggers can help the cause

Sukhdev Singh, What can Bloggers do for Open Access? Sukhdev in Web Land, May 29, 2008.  Excerpt:

Last Saturday I participated in a Bar Camp in Delhi. This was organized by IBNMS and was named as Blog Camp Delhi....I [gave] a presentation on my favorite topic i.e. Open Access....,Open Access: What it is and why it is required for scholarly community? ...

I don’t know how much people in blogging or the wider domain of New Media know about this strange model of academic publishing. However bloggers, once made aware of it, can help [the] open access movement in number of ways. One way is to blog on Open Access itself. There are few already there and well established like the one by Peter Suber. Some others which I know are OA Librarian; The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics and I will also mention the one from student community – Open Students: students for open access to research. Second way is to blog about various open access resources. Every day, number of resources including journals, repositories, open courseware etc are launched and announced. These could be evaluated, annotated and listed under well planned categories (or tags) in a blog. Links of such tags or categories automatically collate resources into listings of related posts. It could be very similar to Digital Scholarship. Third way has to do more with subject experts. Scientists and Scholars can blog on how to promote open access within their own subject domain. Open Access Anthropology: Promoting Open Access in Anthropology is beautiful example. Very similar concept has been highlighted in a presentation - Blogging Archaeology: creating an Open Access source for knowledge. Fourth way is to blog about Peer-Reviewed Research. All such blog posts can be aggregated at one place. There could be many more ways to promote Open Access through blogging.

Comment.  A very good set of ideas.  On the first item, blogging about OA itself, see the list of Blogs about OA at the Open Access Directory.  Because OAD is a wiki, you can help keep this list comprehensive and up to date.