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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gold and green OA at Berkeley

Stevan Harnad, Berkeley's Bold Initiative, Open Access Archivangelism, May 16, 2008.  Excerpt:

"It's one thing to say you support open-access publishing. It's another to provide authors with a pot of money to actually pay for it. That's what's happening at the University of California Berkeley..." (SPARC [e]News May 2008)

It's one thing to support open-access publishing. It's another to provide open access.

What research worldwide needs urgently today is not the money to pay OA journals but OA itself. (Most of the potential money to pay OA journals is currently tied up in paying for non-OA journal subscriptions.)

I hope that apart from just providing authors with money to pay OA publishing fees, Berkeley will also join the ranks of Southampton and Harvard (and 42 other research universities, departments and funders) in mandating that their authors provide OA itself.

Comment.  Of course OA journals do provide OA itself, and I applaud the Berkeley OA journal fund.  But I also join Stevan in hoping that Berkeley will adopt a green OA mandate like Harvard and a growing number of other universities.  Note that the whole U of California system, including Berkeley, has been considering an OA mandate since 2005.  (For details, see the postscript to my March 2008 article on the Harvard mandate.)  When the Harvard mandate was adopted in February 2008, Gary Lawrence, the UC director of systemwide library planning, told the Chronicle of Higher Education that "Harvard's success in creating an arrangement that faculty members agreed on provides us a lot of encouragement."