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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Combining the strengths of institutional and disciplinary repositories

Ulrich Herb, Anja Kersting, and Tobias Leidinger, Vernetzung von fachlichen und institutionellen Open-Access-Repositorien, Bibliotheksdienst, 42, 5 (2008) pp. 550-555.  Self-archived May 27, 2008.  In German but with this English-language abstract:

Both Saarland University and State Library SULB (Germany) and Konstanz University Library (Germany) are running Open Access Repositories. SULB is running - among others - a disciplinary repository for the Psychologist from German-speaking countries called PsyDok, whereas Konstanz University Library is running an institutional repository called KOPS (Konstanz Online Publication Server). In order to combine the strenghts of both types of repositories SULB and Konstanz University Library started a small project to implement an OAI-based harvesting routine. The metadata of psychological content in KOPS will be mirrored in PsyDok. This means that it also will be indexed by psychological databases and search engines focusing on a disciplinary repository like PsyDok but ignoring institutional repositories. Both repositories are taking benefit from this metadata-sharing: KOPS' repository managers have an additional marketing argument, PsyDok gains more content.