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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Byzantine studies journal re-launches as OA

BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA launches!, announcement, April 23, 2008.

Taking into consideration the latest developments in scientific publishing, the Institute for Byzantine Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation has reevaluated the aims of SYMMEIKTA, a journal it has published since 1966. Under the new name BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA, it has become a peer-reviewed open access journal... Its printed version will be published at the end of each year.

By visiting the journal's website, academics and researchers in the field of Byzantine Studies can, from now on, submit articles and book reviews.

BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA publishes original articles and book reviews in Greek, English, French, German and Italian. BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA does not require authors to waive their copyright over their articles. ...

BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA utilizes the Open Journal Systems (OJS) as its online publication management system. OJS is an open-source platform, and one of the most frequently used journal management and publishing systems in the world. ... Based on the University of Patras' Greek translation of the platform, the National Documentation Centre adapted into Greek many commands and system messages necessary for the operation of scientific peer-reviewed electronic journals.

The open access peer-reviewed journal BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA is part of the project "National Information System for Research and Technology, Phase III - Open Access Electronic Repositories and Journals" which is being developed by the National Documentation Centre under the framework "Digital Greece" and is 80% co-financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund and 20% by the Greek Public Domain (Operational Program for IS - OPIS, 3rd CSF 2000-2006). ...