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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Australian Senator renews call for OA to publicly-funded research

Liz Tay, CeBIT 08: Senator Lundy lobbies for Open Source change, iTnews, May 21, 2008.  Excerpt:

The recent change of government could be an opportunity for the Australian Open Source community to bring their “free and open” philosophy to the public domain. Speaking at the Open CeBIT conference in Sydney today, Senator Kate Lundy said that the newly-appointed Rudd Government represents a creative peak in public policy, as evidenced by the Australia 2020 Summit that was held in April....

Lundy also described debates about allowing open access to Crown copyright material, open access to government-funded research, and Open Source licensing of software that is developed with taxpayers’ money.

“Governments tend to want to hold onto that [software] as an asset, and a lot of opportunities for innovation are lost that way,” Lundy said.

An open philosophy could benefit Australia by providing the foundations for innovation, digital knowledge and open technology, Lundy said....

PS:  Senator Lundy chaired a panel at the Australia 2020 Summit on open source and open access.  See our post about it from April 12, 2008.