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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update on the ticTOCs project

Roddy MacLeod, ticTOCs update, News from ticTOCs, April 17, 2008.

By mid-May, [ticTOCs] will release a new and improved prototype, with various features, including a facility to log-in and save [tables of contents], subject browse and a directory of nearly 7,000 TOCs from numerous publishers. TOCs have been added for journals from [several publishers] ...

Geoff Bilder, from CrossRef, one of the partners in the ticTOCs project, has been chairing a working party which has been drafting recommendations for best practice, covering what information publishers should include in journal TOC RSS feeds, and the best way to structure that information. ...

An article has appeared in Multimedia Information & Technology, 34(1), February 2008, pp. 14-16, entitled: "ticTOCs - Taking the pain out of RSS for journal tables of contents".

Two breakout sessions on The ticTOCs Project were held at the [UK Serials Group] 2008 conference in Torquay, UK. The sessions were well attended and there was interest from the publishers present as well as librarians. The presentation was in five parts - RSS TOCs in context; the ticTOCs project outline; a demo of the two pilots; standards; development ideas.

Slides are at Slideshare ...

A paper on ticTOCs, and the associated Gold Dust project will be given at the Inforum conference at the end of May, entitled "RSS and current awareness: how two projects (ticTOCs and Gold Dust) are hoping to improve the academic information landscape".