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Saturday, April 26, 2008

UN U. joins Open Training Platform

United Nations University joins UNESCO's Open Training Platform, press release, April 15, 2008.
The United Nations University (UNU) is the ninth UN agency to join the Open Training Platform (OTP). This UNESCO-powered hub offers free training resources on 21 development topics, fostering cooperation to provide free and open content for development. ...

This one year old web portal keeps on growing in terms of content (2100 resources in April, +100 in March only), traffic (60,000 visits since its creation) and members sharing resources (1500).

In order to further assess the use and usefulness of the Platform, as well as to identify improvement needs, a wide-scale evaluation starts today online. ...

You are therefore invited to participate in this survey available from:

In addition to the “Training-on-demand” function already available, new services will be available shortly, such as the Francophone version and the customisation option for any interested communities or networks. These parallel efforts aim to even better serve the local people learning needs and to reinforce the active participation of development stakeholders. ...
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