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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stevan Harnad's recommendations to the NIH

Stevan Harnad, NIH Invites Recommendations on How to Implement and Monitor Compliance with Its OA Self-Archiving Mandate, Open Access Archivangelism, April 2, 2008. 

Summary:  NIH is now calling for a round of public recommendations on the best way to implement and monitor compliance with its OA Self-Archiving mandate. My own recommendation below is designed to make the NIH mandate efficient and successful for NIH and its fundees and to ensure that it reinforces and converges with the growing number of complementary university self-archiving mandates (such as Harvard's). The gist is that (1) NIH's preferred locus of direct deposit for the postprint should be the fundee's Institutional Repository (IR) (from which it can then be downloaded to NIH) and that (2) the fulfillment conditions on the NIH grant should stipulate that the fundee institution monitors that the deposit has been made. Please make your own recommendations here....