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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Open encyclopedia of Egytpology

The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, an apparently-new project, will offer an "open" and a "full" version of the encyclopedia. The oldest paper on the site was deposited April 3. There will also be a feature for sharing data, including the option to embargo data prior to publication.

... In the coming decade we will continue to build the content of the UEE, while a separate web site, the UEE Full Version, will be available starting in 2010. The full version will have enhanced searches, such as a map-search functionality, alphabetical and subject browsing, in-text links, explanations of terminology for non-professionals, an image archive, and Virtual Reality reconstructions. In addition, a Data-Access Level is under development, which links articles with the results of original research. Information on the development of the UEE Full Version can be found at this page.