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Friday, April 18, 2008

Official launch of hprints

Hprints, the Nordic arts and humanities e-print archive, has now officially launched.  (Thanks to H-Net and Klaus Graf.)  From the site:

Hprints is an Open Access repository aiming at making scholarly documents from the Arts and Humanities publicly available to the widest possible audience. It is the first of its kind in the Nordic Countries for the Humanities.

Hprints is a direct tool for scientific communication between academics. In the database scholars can upload full-text research material such as articles, papers, conference papers, book chapters etc....

For scholars this is an opportunity to gain longstanding visibility. First of all, it is possible to search and find the paper by defined topics through an Internet search. Secondly, all submitted papers will be stored permanently and receive a stable web address.

Hprints is a part of the French HAL....

And from the announcement:

...The archive is now open for submission and browsing (as of spring 2008)....

The submission policy is that content of the posted material should be comparable to that of a paper that could in principle be accepted for publication in a scientific journal.... is initially a Nordic project (funded by the Nordbib funding agency), but it is open to all humanities scholars world-wide....Readers get free access to the latest scholarly research within their field, through RSS and email alerts.

Comment.  Note that the hprints submission policy mentions discipline (any field within the humanities) and readiness ("could in principle be accepted for publication in a scientific journal"), but not institutional affiliation or nationality.  That makes it a universal repository for the humanities ("open to all humanities scholars world-wide"), which is new and significant.  For background, see my past posts on hprints.

Update (4/20/08).  Klaus Graf has learned that hprints will accept articles in any language, confirming its universality.  (Thanks, Klaus.)