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Sunday, April 06, 2008

OA week

In honor of new OA mandate at the NIH, which will take effect for most grantees on April 7, some of the Nature Network bloggers are discussing the idea of making next week OA week.  (Thanks to Graham Steel.)  The idea is simply for participating bloggers to blog about OA or the NIH policy at least once during the week. 

I'll be blogging about OA and NIH policy all week (and all year...), so I'm already in.  If you have a blog, join in.  We can't do enough to educate our colleagues and the public about OA.

BTW, if you take part, please mention at some point that the NIH is collecting public comments on the policy until May 1.  It would be a shame to generate a new wave of support for the policy and not have it show up when the NIH is evaluating responses.  Publishers who oppose the policy are sure to submit their comments.