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Monday, April 28, 2008

OA to digitized Preventive Maintenance

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries have posted digitized editions Will Eisner's work on PS Magazine, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly. See the April 10 announcement by VCU. (Thanks to Boing Boing and Laurie Taylor.)

PS is a U.S. Army publication on preventive maintenance of military equipment. Eisner, a renowned comic artist, was artistic editor for PS Magazine from its inception in 1951 until 1972.

See also this commentary by Laurie Taylor:
... [The collection] lays an even stronger foundation for other [digitization] projects involving comics. PS is especially important because these early issues were well read, well loved, and well used. They’re excellent sources for any study of visual rhetoric, technical writing, literature, media studies, the military, American culture, and more. Will Eisner is the father of the modern graphic novel, popularizing the term and showing what it could be, and his work in all fields is so relevant and so important that it’s essential to have access to materials like PS. ...