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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OA policy at Sweden's University College of Boras

Sweden's University College of Borås has adopted an OA policy encouraging faculty to deposit their journal articles in the institutional repository, Borås Academic Digital Archive (BADA).  (Thanks to Stevan Harnad.)  From the version of the policy on deposit in ROARMAP:

3. All employees at the University College of Borås must register their publications in BADA.

4. Everyone who has received financial support by the University College of Borås for their dissertation work is expected to publish their dissertation in a series that belongs to the University College of Borås. This does not prevent the dissertation to be published in another university series as well. The dissertation should also be published in BADA.

5. Scientific journals often have a policy stating that manuscript of articles (with certain restrictions) also can be published in an open digital archive. All employees at the University College of Borås are recommended to deposit manuscripts to BADA according to the rules and regulations of the journal, and if such rules and regulations are lacking the author should request permission to publish the article in BADA.

6. All employees at the University College of Borås are encouraged to, according to SUHF (The Association of Swedish Higher Education) recommendation; publish their scientific articles in an Open Access journal when there is an appropriate one.

7. All student theses from the University College of Borås should be published in BADA. Library & Learning Resources does no longer accept print student theses from 2008 and forward....

Update.  Also see Stevan Harnad's comments on the Borås policy:

UCB's policy is...excruciatingly close to being a picture-perfect Green OA mandate -- and could...easily be transformed into one (which would make it the planet's 42nd OA mandate, and Sweden's 1st)....

The all-important distinction UCB has failed to make is the one between (a) depositing a document and (3) making it Open Access.

The full text of a document can always be deposited in an Institutional Repository and made Closed Access....

Then there is the option to make the deposit Open Access. This can be done in accordance with the journal's copyright policy. 62% of journals already endorse immediately making the deposit Open Access....

For the remaining 38%, I strongly recommend that UCB implement the "email eprint request" Button, which makes it possible for authors of Closed Access Deposits to provide individual copies to eprint requesters semi-automatically during any embargo period.

All that needs to be done is to change the word "register" in clause 3 above to "deposit".

In clause 5, the word should not be "published" but again "deposit" in the first sentence; and then replace "deposit manuscripts to BADA" "make the deposited manuscript Open Access" according to... etc....