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Sunday, April 06, 2008

More university OA policies: video presentations from OR-08

Stevan Harnad, Open Repositories 2008 Video and EurOpenScholar Links, Open Access Archivangelism, April 5, 2008.  Excerpt:

Here is the LINK to a video sampler of OR-08.

And here is the LINK to the EurOpenScholar session, at which there were two brilliant, timely (and, I predict, historic-landmark) presentations. One was by (1) Professor Bernard Rentier, Founder and Director of EurOpenScholar, a university consortium for informing about and advancing OA, and Rector of University of Liege, the first University to adopt the ID/OA self-archiving mandate, the implementation details of which Prof. Rentier described.

The second presentation was by (2) Dr. John Smith, Deputy Secretary-General of the European University Association (EUA), representing nearly 800 universities in 46 countries; EUA has unanimously recommended mandating OA self-archiving and is providing very strong and welcome support for implementing OA in Europe.

At the EurOpenScholar session the University of Southampton's university-wide OA self-archiving mandate was also officially announced on behalf of the Vice Chancellor by the Library Director, Mark Brown. (Dr. Alma Swan also gave a presentation -- handicapped by the fact that Prof. Rentier and Dr. Smith had already made brilliant use of her material! I too gave a talk, and likewise had nothing more I could add!) The OA momentum gathering in Europe is exceedingly gratifying (and about time!).