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Monday, April 28, 2008

MDPI adopting CC-BY licenses for its journals

Switzerland's Molecular Diversity Preservation Initiative (MDPI) is moving toward CC-BY licenses for its journals.  See Dietrich Rordorf's announcement on ChemSpider:

We are aware that our current MDPI copyright statement is not in line with the BBB definitions on open access. We are currently smoothly moving to a CC By Attribution License v3.0. Marine Drugs has already been published under that license since January 2008. IJMS and other MDPI journals will start publishing under this license in the May respectively June 2008 issues. All previous content published by MDPI will be released under the CC By license within a couple of months on our new publication platform (now under testing). So this discussion about MDPI and open access will soon be part of history.

Comment.  Kudos to MDPI.  I'm pleased in part because CC-BY is the most open license short of assignment to the public domain, and in part because this move is independent of last week's launch of the SPARC Europe seal program, which encourages OA journals to adopt CC-BY licenses.  The MDPI action arose from its own history of OA and a recent professional discussion of OA in chemistry.  The two moves together suggest some convergent momentum for CC-BY licenses at OA journals.

Update. The MDPI editorial announcing the new policy, Changes Coming to MDPI Journals: Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and Creative Commons Attribution License (May 2, 2008), is now online.