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Sunday, April 20, 2008

How librarians can promote OA

Dean Giustini, Top Five (5) Ways for Librarians to Contribute to Open Access (OA) Movement, UBC Academic Search - Google Scholar Blog, April 18, 2008. 

  1. Increase your own knowledge of OA issues; visit Open Access News daily;
  2. Support OA by developing 'information kits' in your library organization to raise general awareness of open access principles and practices;
  3. Develop 'self-archiving' process to increase records in local repositories;
  4. Show your solidarity by featuring open access journals on your library website (thanks to John Willinsky for that idea); do displays; handouts; presentations etc.
  5. Deposit papers and presentations into E-LIS - the open archive for librarians and information specialists, or other digital archive - PubMedCentral, for example.