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Monday, April 28, 2008

Does OA influence treatment recommendations?

David J. Hardisty and David A. F. Haaga, Diffusion of Treatment Research: Does Open Access Matter?, preprint, Journal of Clinical Psychology 64(7), 2008. Abstract:
Advocates of the Open Access movement claim that removing access barriers will substantially increase the diffusion of academic research. If successful, this movement could play a role in efforts to increase utilization of psychotherapy research by mental health practitioners. In a pair of studies, mental health professionals were given either no citation, a normal citation, a linked citation, or a free access citation and were asked to find and read the cited article. After one week, participants read a vignette on the same topic as the article and gave recommendations for an intervention. In both studies, those given the free access citation were more likely to read the article, yet only in one study did free access increase the likelihood of making intervention recommendations consistent with the article.