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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disintermediation and the Web

Scott Karp, Forget Disintermediation, Focus On Open Data Exchange, Publishing 2.0, April 12, 2008. A meditation on disintermediation on the web (say that five times fast), with implications for OA.

...The objective on the web isnít to keep the data on your site ó itís to have an open exchange of data. Itís a wonderfully counterintuitive way of thinking. ...

Think about it from the user perspective ó too often these debates overlook what would best serve the USER.

The user is ill-served if there are conversations about a piece of content going on across multiple services, and the user has to go to each service to participate. Those participating in a conversation on one service are ill-served because they canít hear whatís been said on other services.

What would be best for users is if all the services were connected, so that all the data appeared on EVERY service, and it didnít matter which service I used to read or contribute ó the data would propagate throughout network.

Remember, itís the WEB ó the network, right? Stop obsessing over YOUR blog or YOUR service or YOUR node ó focus on enabling EVERYONEíS network. Thereís only ONE web. ...