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Sunday, April 06, 2008

ChemSpider wants to build deposit API for OA publishers

Antony Williams, An Invitation to Open Access Publishers to Develop a Deposition API with ChemSpider, ChemSpider Blog, April 3, 2008.

Over the past year ChemSpider has been working hard to build a functional and stable platform for the hosting, deposition and curation of structure-based data. This is to form the foundation of our mission to build a Structure-Based Community for Chemists. Our deposition system is in place and well-tested. Our indexing of articles is proven, and continues. We have indexed multiple Open Access articles. We support the deposition of analytical data (spectra and CIF files) into ChemSpider.

It is now time to take this to the next level and I would like to extend an invitation to Open Access publishers to work with us to design an interface (preferably a web service) to facilitate direct deposition of data into ChemSpider. Wed like to design an interface where you can feed your articles in with Title, Authors, Journal reference, DOI and Abstract. ... The outcome of this work would be a freely accessible structure and substructure searchable index of Open Access articles with links back to the Open Access article. ...