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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Checklist: IRs for institutional management

From Les Car (via Peter Suber on April 18):
Comments are requested on a draft document from the presenters of the "Research Assessment Experience" session at the EPrints User Group meeting at OR08. The "Institutional Repository Checklist for Serving Institutional Management" lists 13 success criteria for repository managers to be aware of when making plans for their repositories to provide any kind of official 'research reporting' role for their institutional management. Although institutional research reporting lays increased burdens on the staff, the processes and the infrastructure of the repository, the unanimous conclusion of the presenters at the OR08 session was that the effort is worthwhile, with the end result being recognition of the repository and inclusion of its staff in the highest level decision making committees of the University. The document is available from the OR08 repository ... The recommendations of the document are platform neutral, and comments are warmly invited from managers of ... any ... institutional repository software.