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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Access to scientific books in Brazil

Gisele Craveiro, Jorge Machado, and Pablo Ortellado, O mercado de livros técnicos e científicos no Brasil: subsídio público e acesso ao conhecimento / El mercado de libros técnicos y científicos en Brasil: subsidio público y acceso al conocimiento (The market for technical and scientific books in Brazil: public subsidy and access to knowledge), a report by Grupo de Pesquisa en Políticas Públicas para el Acceso a la Información, Universidad de São Paulo (Research Group in Publicy Policies for Access to Information, University of São Paulo), 2008.

See the English summary by Pablo Ortellado on the A2k mailing list, March 31, 2008:
... Our report identifies public subsidies in 3 moments in the production of the scientific book in Brazil: in the funding of scientific research, in industrial production (by means of tax exemption to publishing houses) and directly through public university presses. The tax exemption alone costs annually US$ 560 million to the Brazilian public. We also studied the institutional status of national authors of 2,000 books adopted in several graduate courses and found that in scientific areas 86% of them work full time in public institutions. We also found out that public university presses produce about 10% of the books adopted. Despite this high public subsidy to scientific books, Brazilian copyright law includes very confuse provisions for public access (through exceptions and limitations) and Brazilian public institutions have had very incongruent policies to guarantee public access to books.