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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

WIPO Committee on Development meeting in Geneva

The World Intellectual Property Organization's Committee on Development and Intellectual Property is meeting in Geneva from March 3-7, 2008.

WIPO is a UN agency which administers major treaties regarding international copyright and related policies, and therefore somewhat of a policy-making body for member states. In addition to member states, numerous NGOs are accredited to WIPO as observers, including OA proponents such as the Library Copyright Alliance, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and Electronic Information for Librairies.

This is the first meeting of the Development Committee, created to oversee implementation of WIPO's new Development Agenda (i.e., to explicitly acknowledge and promote the goal of development through WIPO's policies and activities). The committee will discuss how to implement a list of 45 proposals, agreed upon in 2007. Topics include access to knowledge.

For more information, see coverage at Intellectual Property Watch and by Knowledge Ecology International. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted the list of proposals, with proposals to be considered for "immediate" implementation highlighted in yellow.

Update. See also past OAN posts on the Development Agenda.