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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Plan for Oxford data repository project

Oxford University has released its project plan for Scoping Digital Repository Services for Research Data Management, "to scope the requirements, including for the underlying infrastructure and interoperability, for digital repositories services to store, curate, disseminate and preserve research data generated at Oxford." The plan was last modified February 27. (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)

... Objectives:

  • Capture and document researchersí requirements for digital repository services to handle research data.
  • Participate actively in the development of an interoperability framework for the federated digital repository at Oxford.
  • Make recommendations to improve and coordinate the provision of digital repository services for research data.
  • Initiate and develop collaborations with the different repository activities already occurring to ensure that communication takes place in between them.
  • Raise awareness at Oxford of the importance and advantages of the active management of research data.
  • Communicate significant national and international developments in repositories to relevant Oxford stakeholders, in order to stimulate the adoption of best practices. ...
Comment. We previously posted about the project's blog.