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Thursday, March 20, 2008

On OA, IPRs, and human rights

Catherine Saez, Panel Sees Tension Between IP And Human Rights, Intellectual Property Watch, March 20, 2008.
Intellectual property rights are affecting human rights in several areas such as public health, access to knowledge and agriculture, and human rights advocates have a decisive role to play to reverse the trend, according to members of a recent panel discussion on the negative impacts of intellectual property systems.

The event organised on 13 March by the International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC) and 3D -> Trade - Human Rights - Equitable Economy in cooperation with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, brought together speakers whose primary aim was to provide entry points and opportunities for human rights advocates to challenge the current trend in intellectual property policy-making. ...

For Eddan Katz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the intellectual property system has failed to preserve access to education, the right to free expression and the right to cultural participation. ...

The need for effective advocacy also was put forward by Katz, who is in favour of open access and encouraged the lobbying of education ministers and the raising of awareness about the tensions between intellectual property rights and human rights.