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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OhioLink joins SCOAP3

OhioLINK has joined CERN's SCOAP3 project.  See yesterday's announcement from CERN:

OhioLINK [is] a consortium of the libraries of 86 Ohio colleges and universities....

Tom Sanville, Executive director of OhioLINK said: "SCOAP3, if successful, offers what we would like to all see with Open Access journals - at least a zero sum game or better. It is not a dual investment with traditional subscriptions but a replacement at not worse than the value of our current investment and hopefully better. For that reason alone the OhioLINK community thinks it worthwhile to support CERN's steps to see if this can be put into practice for important journal content".

OhioLINK joins a fast-growing number of U.S institutions which have pledged to re-direct their subscriptions to High-Energy Physics journals to SCOAP3.