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Monday, March 31, 2008

OAI-ORE add-on for Fedora

oreprovider is a free and open source add-on service for Fedora to "disseminate digital objects stored in a Fedora repository as OAI-ORE Resource Maps". The project is written in Java and was developed by the National Library of Sweden. The project was registered on Sourceforge on March 26; the latest release, 0.4 Beta 1, was March 28. (Thanks to Charles Bailey.) From the announcement:
The idea behind it all is that you have a Java web application (oreprovider.war) that, on the fly, will generate Resource Maps serialized as Atom feeds (using OAI4J) for objects in Fedora. All you have to do in Fedora is to add information in RELS-EXT what datastreams belongs to which Resource Map (exactly how to do this can be seen at the projects web page).