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Saturday, March 22, 2008

More on the Afghanistan Digital Library

Yan Han and Atifa Rawan, Afghanistan Digital Library Initiative: Revitalizing an Integrated Library System, Information Technology and Libraries, 26, 4 (2007) pp. 44-46.  Self-archived March 21, 2008. 

Abstract:   This paper describes an Afghanistan digital library initiative of building an Integrated Library System (ILS) for Afghanistan universities and colleges based on open source software. As one of the goals of the Afghan eQuality Digital Libraries Alliance, the authors applied systems analysis approach, evaluated different open source ILS, and customized the selected software to accommodate users' needs. Improvements include Arabic/Persian language support, user interface changes, call number label printing and new ISBN-13 support. To our knowledge, the ILS is the first big academic libraries in the the world running on open source software.

From the body of the paper:

...Based on the availability of existing funding, experiences with commercial vendors, and consideration of vendor supports and future directions, the authors decided to build the Digital Library infrastructure with the "open" concept (open access, open source, and open standards). The decision is widely influenced by globalization, open access, open source, open standards, and increasing users expectations....

PS:  For background, see my January 2008 post on the ADL and my other past posts on OA in Afghanistan.