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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kent Holsinger on OA

Kent Holsinger, Mandatory Open Access:  Friend or Foe?  A slide presentation at the University of Connecticut's meeting, Mandatory Open Access: Friend or Foe? (Storrs, Connecticut, March 26, 2008). 

Comment.  Holsinger tries to balance what he sees as the pros and cons.  In the end, he favors OA ("Open access is a friend who deserves our help and support"), but two incorrect assumptions give his picture of the con side undeserved weight.  (1) He assumes that all OA journals charge publication fees.  But most do not.  (2) He assumes that OA archiving always requires embargoes.  But the majority of green journals, or those allowing postprint archiving, allow it immediately upon publication. The fact that funder OA mandates permit embargoes may be causing some confusion.  At most green journals, authors may still self-archive without delay, regardless of the author's funder.  In this sense, most green journals permit more than funders require.