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Friday, March 21, 2008

Health and Human Rights converting to OA

Health and Human Rights is converting to OA. From the undated announcement:

After more than a decade in print, the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center's Health and Human Rights journal will begin its next chapter as an on-line, open-access publication starting with Volume 10, Issue Number 1, in the Spring of 2008. [Partners in Health] co-founder Paul Farmer assumed editorship of the journal in 2007.

... The journal will endeavor to increase access to human rights knowledge in the health field by linking an expanded community of readers and contributors. Following the lead of a growing number of open-access publications, the full text of Health and Human Rights will be freely available to anyone with internet access. This priority will be addressed directly in the first on-line issue in an article entitled "Excluding the poor from accessing biomedical literature: a rights violation that impedes global health," by Gavin Yamey. Yamey is a Senior Editor at PLoS Medicine and an incoming member of the Health and Human Rights Editorial Board. ...

The Health and Human Rights website will include content in addition to the articles published in the journal’s semi-annual print edition. A regularly-updated “perspectives” section will provide space for contributors to share information and express their views on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to the themes of the journal’s print issues. Additionally, a blog feature on the site will allow authors to provide additional insight and background into their articles and readers to post their comments. ...