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Monday, March 31, 2008

The growth of UK repositories

Chris Keene has launched a web page to track the growth of UK repositories.  From the site:

This website provides data on the number of records in UK Institutional Repositories over time. The data was collected from late summer 2006, and has been collected weekly ever since.

The data is from the excellent ROAR based at the University of Southampton (ECS).

Where to start? Have a look at the table below (first link), it shows the number of records in each repository (registered in ROAR) for each week since July 2006. You can reorder the table, download the data (e.g. in to excel) and select individual repositories. Also check out the comparison page, which can be reached by first selecting an IR on the right and then selecting an IR to compare with. Finally the info page is worth a read for details of what you are actually looking at, and issues with the data and presentation.