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Friday, March 07, 2008

FWF strengthens its OA policy from a request to a requirement

Austria's Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Fund to Promote Scientific Research, or FWF) has strengthened its OA policy.  (Thanks to the Informationsplattform Open Access and Daniel Mietchen.) 

The older policy, adopted in October 2006, applied only to project leaders and merely requested OA for FWF-funded research.  The new policy applies to all employees in FWF-funded research projects and requires OA.  FWF will grant exemptions only when compliance would be unlawful --which may be whenever the publisher does not allow OA archiving. 

Like other funder policies, this one is strictly about green OA.  But FWF also supports gold OA, or OA journals.  It encourages grantees to publish in OA journals and allows them to use grant funds to pay publication fees at fee-based OA journals.

Read the new FWF policy in German or Google's English.  Also read the March 6 press release in German or Google's English.